My answer to "Was it necessary to be in LA to get a job?"

Yesterday, while visiting Indiecade with a group of friends, one of them asked me this question. I thought it was an interesting question because lately, I’ve been noticing a lot of my friends moving closer to where other developers and companies are. I think it’s a bold move to come without any guaranteed job positions lined up for them. But I have no doubt that they’ll be landing great gigs very soon. There are sacrifices that they chose to make when they came here though, and I wish the best for them. High risk, high reward.

Update: Started working at Riot Games!

It’s been about 2.5 weeks since I started working at Riot as an associate sound designer.

This is crazy! Riot has been my ultimate dream company that I wanted to work at since I first started playing League of Legends. The culture, the way they focus on players experience, and the amazing IP that we have here made me realize this was where I really want to be growing.

7 Steps on How to have a funtastic Game Jam!

7 Steps on How to have a funtastic Game Jam!

Hey guys! Are you looking for ways to get game dev experience? Want to learn a particular skill? Game jams are fun and meaningful ways to build your skills and reputation!

I recently got to participate in the GMTK game jam, and it was a TON of fun! It was featured on Rock Paper Shotgun which was crazy! It was my first time getting my game mentioned on a big gaming website.

Here’s why you should do game jams:

1. It improves your communication skills. Working with complete strangers lets you be ready for anything in an actual studio environment. Plus you’ll learn the different styles of workflows that people tend to have…

2019 CA Mentor Program - Structures & Google Sheets

Hey guys! It’s been four months since GDC 2019, six months since I became involved in the organization and leading of this year’s CA Mentor Program. I wanted to document this so that anyone can read it and hopefully use it to improve the CA Mentor Program, and make it the best experience for the mentors and mentees.

The Conference Associate program harbors 450 CA who work to make GDC run on a large scale. Many of the CA’s come from all different places of walk in life. Some are students, some are industry professionals, and all of us are always looking to learn and get better at our craft. Over hundred CA’s were directly involved as either Mentors, Mentees, or joined the group mentoring session this year…

15 Lessons from 15 projects I got to work on!

Hey guys! Today, I wanted to share my experience when it comes to getting on to a project.
You can also say that this is more like a journal, remembering the fond memories of every project I dedicated my time on! :)

If you’re reading this and you were hoping to get some experience in game jams and want to work on indie games, or have a portfolio piece to apply to a studio, then you’re at the right place!

My Thought Process behind Sound Redesign for Akali

Hey guys! So I’ve been looking closely at League of Legend’s sounds and playing a lot of League recently to understand what exactly is their signature sound and how they work in game.

I wanted to try practicing my sound design with their seemingly endless roster of champions and skins, and what better way to start with a really cool looking assassin Akali, who I really wish I can play better?!

Yet Another Game Audio Hiring Article - How to be Ready and be Hired

Hey guys! I’m still in the process of applying and looking for jobs. While getting my reel reviewed by Kevin Regamey at Reel Talk, (Link to my reel talk review: he mentioned this “YAGAHA” written by Ariel Gross and I decided to take a closer look at it! Behold, the ultimate truth of game audio hiring process and how to prepare for it: