Food Drive

Food Drive: Race against Hunger (Gamers for Good)

I joined Gamers for Good for Good to develop the complete audio design for Food Drive. I worked with Peet Cooper the creative director and artist for this game.

I wanted the game to have a wholesome, organic soundscape, so I recorded almost every aspect of the game from my garage and house and used it to design sounds for the truck, collision sounds, and main UI.

One of the most fun things to work on was the end score rising pitch that was inspired by classic arcade games. I used the RTPC of the player’s score to drive the rising pitch, and for every interval of 10 points,

Implementation was by far the most challenging aspect about this game. Using Wwise, I implemented a music system that changes its music once the timer hits the 1 minute mark. Transitioning from menus to in-game and pause screens is seamless.

Food Drive has over 30,000 downloads and over 90% positive review on steam.