Audio Development Blog for Food Drive

In Food Drive, you drive around a truck with a cannon perched on top of it, and you're delivering food to various neighborhoods within the colorful but very hungry town. The game is a food bank awareness game and promotes the activities of food banks and how we can help in real life.

While the game is fun, the audio development process was just as fun as well! I wanted to share with you what I've learned so far, and what I wish I could have differently so that I can improve myself even more.

Wwise to Unity Integration Cheat Sheet

You may have gotten through the 101, 201 and 251 courses through Audiokinetic's website, but you still might not know how to actually INTEGRATE these Events, States and RTPC's you set up into Unity. I don't blame you - this information is for some reason, incredibly difficult to find online. But you need to know, in order to get your Wwise integrated into Unity. So let's get started!