How to Mass Render and Export SFX Variation Files

In the sound design of Garden Warrior (WIP mobile auto runner game), there are 3 different variations for every enemy attacks.

There is this shield enemy that winds up its gigantic shield, and slams it down. Since I’m integrating the sounds into animation, and there are moments where our character can slow down time, I need to separate the sound into 2 sfx, and trigger each sound when the animation hits the right frame.

This is more of a personal note that I write to remind myself how to mass render files from Reaper.

First, design sounds to picture. Then, duplicate the sounds horizontally and create 2-3 variations.

Here’s how we export and render these variations.

  1. Click on the transient item

  2. Press Insert key (I changed it to be the Insert key, but this action is “Go to start of media file”) to go to the start of that item

  3. Press M and create a marker. Does not need to be named.

  4. Repeat this for every Transient, until you have all the Markers.

  5. Press Shift M to convert all Markers into Regions. Name each region. 

  6. File > Render, (ctrl + alt + R), click the Bounds dropdown in the top right, and select "Project Regions".

  7. Directly below that dropdown, click on "Region Matrix...". Click on the boxes of the master mixes of these variations. After doing this, you should see "Render x files".

  8. Set the directory to where you want the exported files to end up. (Before doing this, set up a file structure. e.g. My Projects, Garden Warrior, GW_SFX, Enemies )

  9. For the file name, type "$region" without the quotes. This will automatically name each file according to what its corresponding region is named. 

  10. Double check Render settings like File format, sample rate looks good!

  11. Click "Render X Files". There we go!