Writing music while doing chores

Today, everyone has left the house and I'm alone. They'll be coming back around at night, and I was doing some workouts on the floor when I realized that it was dusty again. Has it been a week since we vacuumed? I vacuumed the floor and did the dishes - and then suddenly, one after another, amazing pieces of music started coming into my head. I sat in front of the piano and recorded four themes that I think can be used for Garden Warrior - the game that I'm currently working on with Little Pebble Studios.


Roughly about 11 minutes of musical ideas came out from doing chores. I think chores personally allow me to relax and reach into my subconscious without trying to overcome a writer's block.  Then it clicked in my head: It's always been like this - my major compositions always came from chores.

So I learned something very valuable today. Do the dishes and clean once in a while. For others' good and for my own good as well. :)