8 Days 'til GDC! Press Spacebar to Get Up

I used to believe that I was a night owl. I would convince myself that I composed at my best at 3:00 AM in the morning and that I was too groggy to be able to do anything in the morning.

And then I got accepted as a Conference Associate for GDC 2018. Now, I HAVE to be able to get up early in the morning… Not only are my work schedules affected by my schedule, I also need to be able to get to that shower before a LOT of my new potential friends (But 10 of them!) before my morning meetings!

It's been only a week since I've started training myself to go to sleep early and to wake up early. My body feels neutralized to this change. Even with the daylight savings affecting me last night as I was thinking of all the cool melodies for my school's Alma Mater (I'm entering a short composition competition of writing an Alma Mater for my school), I still woke up feeling refreshed and motivated.

I think in my head, "What if my life was a video game?". If I don't get up right now, I won't get EXP, I won't gain Levels and I won't make any difference in my life. And if you ever played any kind of RPG's, you know that the morning time is like one of those 2x Double EXP Boost times when you can get the most out of my day. So I do a quick roll around in my bed like a cat, stretch, and simply "Press Spacebar" to get up.

A lot of people know the benefits of early mornings - but struggle with getting up to experience it firsthand. It takes two steps: First, prepare to sleep early the night before. It's mostly a battle in your mind, but if your body's not on your side when you're fighting that battle, you'll lose the first and most important battle of the day. Then when it's time to get up, imagine a blank screen with nothing but "Press Spacebar to Get Up" and play yourself like a video game. It may be the nerdiest thing in the world but it works for me!

Now, what can you do? It's a lot quieter outside so you can work on things without distraction. And if you're really good, the sun will be rising. Go outside a breath in the fresh air, smile, do a light exercise,  plan out your day and follow where your God calls you to be. Congratulations! You've won the first battle! These victorious, positive feelings will chain on to the next battle you'll be fighting. You can do it! See you in the morning. :)