Games that I’m working on


2D - narrative adventure about anxiety

After shipping Food Drive, I have been invited to join Peet Cooper again for his next project: Scary World (not a final title). The world seems scary to the main character who is a snail. As the player progresses through the game, they are met with scary situations and must face their fears.

What I’m doing: Wwise, sound design, adaptive music, implementation.

VR - finding objects using sound

I’m working with Catie Jones and her team at USC to create a VR game for her master thesis project. The project features a musical sound design focused metal detector to find hidden objects on the Beach using Wwise.

What I’m doing: Wwise, sound design of metal detector & all player actions, adaptive music, implementation.


Mobile - high action Combat auto-runner

In 2018, I met Sarah Putros and Dawood Putros (Art professor and animator / Programmer at Amazon) who are both passionate about making games, and started working on an exciting 2D, real time combat auto- runner game with them.

What I’m doing: Wwise, combat & UI sound design, adaptive music, implementation.